1. Heartbreak

From the recording Heartbreak


So so you take the high roadYou go ahead and you do what you are toldYou never want him to see you cryIt’s gonna be another long nightThe pain inside you don’t let anybody seeNow just a shell of the girl you used to beMinute by minute try to get through the day]You Wonder how you’ll make this pain go awayWell, its one more dayits one more HeartbreakYou keep your thoughts to yourselfWish you could be somebody elseLiving in an impossibilityYou take care of your responsibilitiesYou’re like a bird in a cageYou see the world but you can’t find a way outYou have the key to open up the doorYou just don’t know you have the strength you had beforeSpread your wingsFlyBe freeDeny your Hell With a smile on your faceToo much shame You hide in disgraceYou need to growYou got to let him goCause its one more dayIts one more yeahYeah its one more dayIts one more...Heartbreak