1. Carry Me

From the recording Carry Me


My life gets so crazy sometimesLike a fire that never stops burningAnd I think it just might pass me byLike a wind that never stops blowingBut are you gonna be that lightThat helps me seeAre gonna lift me up When you see me weakCarry meI need to believe Carry meI need to believeIn loveThe truth is so clear but I choose to ignore Like a child that never stops runningIf I could just let go I’d know so much moreSomehow I choose not knowingBut are you gonna lift me upWhen I’m down on my kneesAre you gonna be that oneThat helps me feel completeCarry meI need to believe Carry meI need to believe In loveYour tender heartYour tendernessGives me hope that I could love againCan youCarry meI need to believe Rescue me rescue meI need to believe That your love Can help me find peaceCarry me carry meI need to believeI need to believeIn loveOh, again