1. Butterflies

From the recording Butterflies


Another day Another year flies by Pictures of youReflections of my lifeI still have your voice in my headAnd all the hurtful wordsWe saidThe color of anger through my veins Flutters inside me as I study your faceWell I guess you’re over meBut I need to be set freeOf these feelings that I’m keeping deep inside I still get those butterfliesWhen I think about youWhen I think about you ohYour beautiful colorsOnce surrounded meI never suspectedThey would ever leaveCause I watched your soul as you watched mineYou said forever but it was justA lineAnd I know you had to fly awayBut your smile remainsWell I guess you're over meBut your eyes are haunting meTo look at you now makes me hang my head and cryI don’t want those butterfliesSo fly oh fly awaySo fly awayooooooI heard you moved on But I can’t move onI couldn’t keep you But I kept your memory strongYour image lays in my hands No touch no whisper Just a photographThe color of madness through my veinsFlutters inside me as I Go insaneYeahWell I guess I’ll face the truthI’m still not over youI guess there’s something that I just can’t denyI still get those butterfliesI still get those butterfliesI still get those butterfliesI still get those butterflies