Deann René


So so you take the high road
You go ahead and you do what you are told
You never want him to see you cry
It’s gonna be another long night

The pain inside you don’t let anybody see
Now just a shell of the girl you used to be
Minute by minute try to get through the day]
You Wonder how you’ll make this pain go away

Well, its one more day
its one more

You keep your thoughts to yourself
Wish you could be somebody else
Living in an impossibility
You take care of your responsibilities

You’re like a bird in a cage
You see the world but you can’t find a way out
You have the key to open up the door
You just don’t know you have the strength you had before

Spread your wings
Be free

Deny your Hell
With a smile on your face
Too much shame
You hide in disgrace

You need to grow
You got to let him go
Cause its one more day
Its one more yeah
Yeah its one more day

Its one more...